2017 VALENTINE DAY: Nigerian Secondary School Students Got Anti-humantrafficking Savvy

A few scenes from the event

There is no better way to commemorate the St. Valentine Day than sharing vital information on self protection with children.

Over 150 secondary school students of Royal Kriston Group of Schools, Lagos  in Nigeria celebrated the 2017 valentine day learning the A-Z of human trafficking and how not to fall preys to traffickers.

When the Executive Director of the Media Initiative Against Human trafficking and Women Rights Abuse ( MIAHWRA ), Ms. Tobore Ovuorie, first picked the microphone and asked how many of the kids will love to go overseas at all cost, they all raised their hands.

While teaching the kids, majority of  who were hearing about  human trafficking for the first time, many of them were given copies of MIAHWRA’s human trafficking anthology titled ” I Am Not To Be Sold ” for free.

The school was equally given free copies.

The awareness outreach equally involved MIAHWRA’s Movieducate 4 Change (#M4C). The kids were shown a short film on human trafficking. Many of them were shocked at the horror victims of trafficking go through.

At the end of the session, when asked how many of them will love to go overseas at all cost, none of the students raised their hands.

“I won’t even follow you abroad if you approach me” a 2nd year Senior Secondary School Student told Ms. Ovuorie.

Very curious and worried about what they had watched in the short film, some of the students walked up to Ms. Ovuorie when she was close to the school’s exit gate. She was bombarded with very intelligent questions.

The helms woman of MIAHWRA however answered all the questions. She encouraged the students to come up with more questions and send them to her through the school authority.

The students of Royal Kriston Group of Schools are participating in MIAHWRA’s 2017 Short Stories Collection competition with the theme: I AM Not To Be Sold.




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