Good morning,

Hope this meets you well. Please, do you know any young lady or woman with children (single or married) but who has no means or skills to earn a living?

Do you know any such lady or woman who can’t feed her children?

Is the lady interested and ready to learn legitimate skills in order to make earnings to care for herself and the children?

If provided with resources to start a small scale business, is she willing to travel that path?

Or are you such young lady or woman?

If your answer is YES to all the above questions, kindly get in touch with the administrator of MIAHWRA Skills Acquisition Programme #MSAP.

A new phase of our #ProjectWAP (Women Are Precious project) tagged: MIAHWRA Skills Acquisition Programme #MSAP is about to commence.

On completion of the two weeks intensive training, participants will be given the resources to start their business and mentored for at least six months.

For further enquiries or to nominate a young lady or woman for the programme, kindly:

CALL: +2348087346426



You can follow us on:

FACEBOOK: Media Initiative Against Human trafficking and Women Rights Abuse


INSTAGRAM: miahwra_greaterwomen


Thanks for reading and sharing with your contacts.

…simply to make the world safer for children and women.

With Warm Regards,
Tobore Mit Ovuorie,
( Founder, MIAHWRA ).


2 thoughts on “VERY URGENT PLEASE…!!!

  1. Good morning ma. Thank you for this great initiative.please I am very much Interested in the skills acquisition. I am single parent with 2 children n I am not doing anything presently
    thank you


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