…More to benefit from Skill Acquisition Programme

To commemorate this year’s International Day of Women, the Media Initiative Against Human trafficking and Women Rights Abuse ( MIAHWRA ) empowered 150 women with skills and capital to commence small scale businesses.
The training tagged: MIAHWRA Skills Acquisition Programme #MSAP, commenced Wednesday March 8th in Makoko, a Lagos suburb. Within 48 hours, 150 women have been taught how to make hair creme treatment, as well as aftershave and skin treatment. This is with the aim of them starting their own toiletries businesses.
Ms. Tobore Ovuorie, Executive Director, MIAHWRA, says “the scheme was birthed because no woman can be bold for change when she has no skill and wherewithal to be independent.
“Every week, I receive fresh cases of women being abused. With my investigative journalism foundation, I dig further. I discovered 98 percent of the cases I have handled so far choose to remain in abusive relationships because they have no where to go, have no money of their own, work and means of survival.
“The MIAHWRA team, after brainstorming, decided the way forward isn’t just seeking justice for such women by seeing to their abusive partners being prosecuted, but assist the women to stand on their own”.
According to the MIAHWRA helms woman, the initial plan was to train and empower 150 women this week, however, within 48 hours, the target have been met, while more women have registered to be at the two sessions on Friday-  the final day for this phase of the programme.
According to Mr. Abel Femi Enikanologbon, Founder of Able Abel Foundation, data of women who have benefited from the skill acquisition programme have been captured for their business startup funds.
“Beginning from next week, the women will start receiving bank alerts from the financial scheme we are exploring and they will begin to live their dreams of attaining financial independence” Mr. Enikanologbon said.
MIAHWRA SAP #MSAP is a collaboration between Abel Foundation and MIAHWRA.
“The MIAHWRA SAP #MSAP train is moving all over Nigeria. We are coming up with more packages to ensure Nigerian women are indeed bold for change in reality, and not just blabbing about it.
“We simply want to make the society and world safer for women and children. The concrete change, not just excited talks, begins with teaching, equipping and mentoring women on how to fish. This is a veritable way women can have a voice in every spheres of their lives, including politics, and their children will immensely benefit from it” Ms. Ovuorie said.

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