…MIAHWRA Educates About 200 HIGH School Kids

The Media Initiative Against Human trafficking and Women Rights Abuse ( MIAHWRA ) this week taught about 200 secondary school students how to be anti-human trafficking savvy.
Beginning on Monday March 27th at Cathrina International School, Gwarinmpa, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, MIAHWRA’s #IAmNotToBeSold #EndHumanTrafficking train moved through the city to the Government Secondary School Lugbe- a suburb in Abuja.
Targeting the final year Senior Secondary School Students (SSS 3) who are writing their final exams in preparation to moving onto the larger society, Ms. Tobore Ovuorie, Executive Director and Mr. Lawson Oviasogie, Head, Northern Operations of the nonprofit taught the students the ABC of human trafficking and how to prevent being trafficked.
Ms. Ovuorie told the students about the various ways traffickers now operate. However, she encouraged them to apply for scholarships abroad with very good high school results. “Legitimate travels is the way to go. If you don’t have needed travel documents, please, remain in Nigeria” she admonished the kids.
The curious students had several questions about human trafficking, while a student at the Government Secondary School, Lugbe, admitted to already being persuaded to be shipped off to Qatar after his exams.
“Since the person told me about coming to Qatar to be an electrician, it has occupied my mind for so long now. He said the travel will be free, and a job is awaiting me there” the 16 year old SSS 3 student told Ms. Ovuorie and Mr. Oviasogie after the outreach.
“I will go to the university to study electrical engineering. Thanks for telling us in the class that those ‘workand-live-free’ adverts are fake. I won’t make the mistake again” the young man added.
When schools resume for the third term academic session, MIAHWRA will be giving out scholarships to very outstanding but indigent students who can not afford their school fees or pay for external examination registration fees.
Admitting such students exist at the Government Secondary School Lugbe, the Principal and Vice Principal respectively agreed to make available a list of such students to MIAHWRA.

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