A poem by Tobore Ovuorie,


I knew them before, you see
I watched over them
Like a dealer over coveted vehicles
Then came the eventful day
When they met intimately
And an embryo started forming
Inside the womb of the clone of Eve

She was a young she and beautiful girl then.
And I watched and watched like a would-be owner
Watches the laying of bricks upon bricks
At a stage when the time was right,
I plunged in, in a big way
She shuddered at the impact
I am a human being again

It was pitch-black inside
But we could see bright as day
I am an elderly soul you know
And humour
Is one of my outstanding virtues
That endeared me
To the denizens of my plane

Many times I thought to myself ‘what in
Heavens name can I do to this girl
To show her what a precious cargo she’s carrying?’
Then will I arch my back and
Stretch my limbs at the same time
And the poor girl would be jolted out of her private thoughts
Or whatever household chore she might be doing.

Well I enjoyed these antics of mine and
The girl’s mild consternations I would keep
At it for a couple of minutes then I will settle
Back like am repented but no! am not! After all
An active mind has to keep itself busy with something
So that’s how I went on harassing the vehicle
And enjoying every minute of it.



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