Paedophiles don’t operate in the streets, they operate where they are trusted.

This simply means that a paedophile will not pick a random child off the street to molest, the chances of being outed by the child are higher because children are naturally wary of strangers. And paedophiles don’t want to be exposed.That is not their MO.

So they usually go for vulnerable children around them.

They stalk, groom and strike.

They stalk a child to know their movements and when it’s best to be alone with the child.

Then they start to groom the child by befriending the child and finding out certain information from the child. A child that does not know anything about their body parts and sexual abuse is vulnerable.

Finally they strike after they have completed the grooming.

Most of the child sexual molesters are not strangers, they are family and friends with easy and unrestricted access to these children and that is what makes it very easy to molest those vulnerable children.

Don’t be any under illusions that there are no paedophiles around you and your children, they are around you but you just don’t know because most of their victims have refused to speak out about the abuse. So they move around without anybody suspecting them.

There are peadophiles around you in these group of people.

Close and extended family members. Such as uncles and cousins.

Domestic staff. Drivers, gateman, gardener, house helps.

Family friends. Fathers/sons/their cousins that comes to visit.

Religious figures such as pastors and Imams.

And family doctors.

Living in denial about this issue won’t make paedophiles to stop being peadophiles or stop them from going after children or seek your children out.

The best form of defence/prevention is to educate yourself and then educate your children.

A knowledgeable mind is hard to manipulate let alone subdue and control.

By Adesupo Adesanya Okuleye



  1. I really enjoy reading your write ups… To an extent we kind of have the same goal to save our young children especially the girls…… Our parents need to wake up and be at an alert… Make listening and talking to your child an important routine… Never doubt them, read their signs of changing.


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