I used to know a couple. From the outside, it always seemed like they were a happy family. Everyone believed they were genuinely happy.

But the man always had swollen face and black eyes. It was later confirmed that his wife was always punching him. There were days the beatings landed him in hospital for days.

One of their children fell sick and needed to have blood tests. It was then discovered that he had the AS genotype. The man was confused because both himself and his wife were AA. After much interrogation and medical investigations, it was discovered that three of their four children were not biologically his.

He was devastated. But his pastor advised him not to divorce his wife because God hates divorce, and marriage is for better for worse. He asked him to accept the children, and keep praying for his wife.
He also advised him to fast, pray and read his Bible. He gave him Bible passages to read every day in order to keep faith.

But the wife never stopped cheating. He would cook her favourite meals, kneel down and beg her to stop cheating, but she would respond by beating him.

Although she worked and earned as much as her husband earned; she never contributed her money to the family. She spent her money on men, while her husband solely took care of the children’s needs. The husband also did the cooking and domestic chores till the children grew old enough to look after themselves and handle some chores.

It got to a point this woman started bringing her side cocks home. And the husband was always scared to complain to avoid any beating from both the wife and the side cocks.

He was wise enough not to challenge his wife’s authority. He would even run the warm bath for his wife and side cocks. Then sleep on the couch to allow his wife and her side cock their needed privacy.

As a result of his good behavior whenever his wife comes home with her side cocks, he got less beatings from the wife. It pays to be good.

But this man didn’t give up, he kept praying and praying and praying. He cried unto the a Lord to save his marriage.

Last year, 34 years after they got married, and when the man was 65 years old, his 61 year old wife had a car accident on her way to a weekend away with one of her side cocks. She suffered a stroke, and recovered with underlying partial paralysis. Her husband is now her full time carer.

The man went to Church to give thanksgiving to God. God answered his prayers after over 30years because his wife is no more cheating on him, and she doesn’t beat him anymore.

This is my advice to men out there. If your wife is cheating on you or abusing you, just keep praying because there is nothing God cannot do. Count it all a joy, and never be discouraged. Hold on to your faith.

This is why I always say that only prayerful men can keep their homes. A man needs to be prayerful, so that when his wife starts misbehaving, he can go on his knees and do the needful. Knees are for kneeling and praying for cheating and abusive wives.

I hope the men of these days learn a thing or two from this man. Keeping your marriage is not all about forming macho “upandan”, you need spiritual guidance, and above all, you need to be prayerful….. very prayerful.

Tap a blessing and be inspired from the story of this man that I have narrated. He cried unto the Lord for years, he fought to keep his marriage, and at the end of the day, God answered his prayers. His wife stopped beating him and cheating on him.

Divorce should never be the first option, even though your wife is cheating on you and being physically violent. Just keep praying. Remember it’s natural for women to cheat.

Because sorrows may last for the night, but Joy comes in the morning.

Remember that we can’t judge this woman because “JUDGE NOT”. Nobody holy pass. 😇

Nkechi Bianze.


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