She was raped at 13 and denied justice because her rapist is the Oba’s relative. She is crying for justice. Please let’s help her. Please… Please…

Hmmn, well done Sis B, I was 13 years old and about to seat for my J. S. S3 exam. A pastor of our church was getting married, (May 1999), my Dad bought the couple a wall clock and asked to take it to my sister’s husband to print know it cause he was an artist. I dropped the clock and was coming back home, it’s like 30 mins walk. I got to a house where the drainage in front of it has damaged so I had to walk few steps in the compound before continuing, suddenly, a man who lived in the compound and has always beckon on me each time I pass, emerged and pull me inside. I tried shouting but he brought out a knife, like suya knife and threatened to slice my throat.
The shoe compound was as silent as a graveyard, he led me to his room and raped me from the rear right on the floor, I was shivering and begging but he didn’t stop. He cleaned the blood with his handkerchief and let me go
On getting home, I told my dad who reported at the police station, he was arrested and detained, my dad insisted that he should be charged to court (my mum was late). Along the line, my dad was forced to settle our of court cause the man was somehow related to the king of our town, different people came to warn my dad not to continue because the king was involved, that he might go diabolical and kill me even if I win the case. My dad insisted but after some time agreed due to pressure and we were so poor.
My dad and I cried terribly because he were denied justice, I was just thirteen years old and was forced to sign, I still see the man anytime I visit my town. I wish to see him humiliated or dead.
Aunty Bunmi, is there any way I can revisit the case? Is there anyway I can seek for justice?
I can’t be happy until I see him rot in jail.
My dad was very notable in my town but was cheated because of our poor state of living, the useless monarch is still alive and I hope all his children perish before his face. Pls help me post ma, who knows, I might see help.
Thanks ma
By Olu Bunmi


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