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Were you absent at the July edition of #EveryWomanListen!?

Or, you made it to the hangout?

Ok. Whichever of the group you belong, here is a quote from one of our panelists, Mr. Michael Awe who is a relationship counsellor.

Let’s give this a try. And abuse of women will be a thing of the past in our society.

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From my inbox… her room mate’s cousin organised for both of them to be raped on campus. He raped his cousin.

Morning Aunty Bunmi, good job ure doing on the Rape series.

I was gang raped with my room mate in our 1st year at the Polytechnic by her cousin and his friends who were at University of Ibadan.UI was next to the Polytechnic.

I still remember the guy’s name who orchestrated the Rape. My room mate met him in Poly earlier in the day and he said he would check on her later in the evening. She gave him our address at the quarters.

He came in the evening with another friend and she introduced him as (name witheld) her cousin in UI. He is very dark with a rich deep voice. This was around 1995 and 1996.

They said they wanted to take us out for a few drinks and came back to pick us at about 8pm. They srokw straight to a house around Sango on the way to Mokola. Big house with big compound. They said they wanted to pick some cash.

He then asked us to come.in to meet his uncle. How dumb we were!. We walked in to see 3 more guys. One of them brought out a gun. They led us to different rooms.

My room mate was raped by her cousin and another guy. I was raped by 2 or 3 diff guys till the early hours of the morning.

The mistake we made was that my room mate trusted her cousin. We did not go out with complete strangers. I learnt a hard lesson from my Year 1.

I later saw my room mate’s cousin several years after the incident . We had left school. It was at a shopping plaza in Ikeja and he was with a friend. He kept staring at me . I couldn’t bring myself to confront him then as I had mixed emotions in me, Anger, shame, he was talking to the person he came with and I don’t know what they were saying. This is the 1st time I am openly talking about it. My friend got pregnant and she had to have an abortion. I was lucky not to be pregnant.

By Olu Bunmi



#EveryWomanListen! July edition has come and still lingers. The Media Initiative Against Human trafficking and Women Rights Abuse (MIAHWRA) is saying immeasurable THANK YOU to everyone who turned up yesterday July 29th, 2017.

We are very grateful to our awesome panelists who not only did justice to the topic: WHAT DO MEN REALLY WANT?, but set a fresher agenda for healthier single, married, divorced, and separated women and men in our society.

Miahwra Miahwra celebrates these awesome men- our panelists: Mr. Chike Maduegbuna, Mr. Michael West, Mr. Chuks Ogene, Mr. Daniel Akpata Diamond and Mr. Moses Abiola.

Special salutations and appreciation to our great and large hearted supporter, partner and sponsor: AFRINOLLY, Nigeria’s beautiful creativity hub. MIAHWRA will forever be grateful for your pivotal roles.


The appreciation call will be incomplete without a standing ovation for our mother: Mrs. Jane Maduegbuna Thanks so much for chasing, building, reshaping #EveryWomanListen and many more you are to MIAHWRA.

We are grateful, also to Sewanu Kayode Yovoyan ‘sky’ Jude Nwabuokei Mojisola Molade Ibidun Tobore Anne Emorhokpor Franklin Israel, Caver, Michael Sheriff, Mrs. Bisi King-paul Kester Odoh Diego Okenyodo Adie Vanessa Offiong Nwosu Rejoice Jean Kamga Kolade Adeshina, Mr. Anthony Akpojaroh, Mrs. Rita Akpojaroh, and Chineme Nweke for your awesome services to #EveryWomanListen! and MIAHWRA. We appreciate every of your efforts.

The list is quite long. However, there is so little space. But MIAHWRA appreciates every one who has been a part of the #EveryWomanListen! and MIAHWRA journey.

We pray God’s hands be in your lives. His grace, favour and mercy will show forth in every spheres of your lives and your lives and those of your loved ones will be greater,very awesome and sweeter than the honeycomb.

Once again, thanks for making #EveryWomanListen! July edition a success. See you next month.

With Warm Regards,
Tobore Mit Ovuorie,
(Founder, MIAHWRA),

2017 VALENTINE DAY: Nigerian Secondary School Students Got Anti-humantrafficking Savvy

A few scenes from the event

There is no better way to commemorate the St. Valentine Day than sharing vital information on self protection with children.

Over 150 secondary school students of Royal Kriston Group of Schools, Lagos  in Nigeria celebrated the 2017 valentine day learning the A-Z of human trafficking and how not to fall preys to traffickers.

When the Executive Director of the Media Initiative Against Human trafficking and Women Rights Abuse ( MIAHWRA ), Ms. Tobore Ovuorie, first picked the microphone and asked how many of the kids will love to go overseas at all cost, they all raised their hands.

While teaching the kids, majority of  who were hearing about  human trafficking for the first time, many of them were given copies of MIAHWRA’s human trafficking anthology titled ” I Am Not To Be Sold ” for free.

The school was equally given free copies.

The awareness outreach equally involved MIAHWRA’s Movieducate 4 Change (#M4C). The kids were shown a short film on human trafficking. Many of them were shocked at the horror victims of trafficking go through.

At the end of the session, when asked how many of them will love to go overseas at all cost, none of the students raised their hands.

“I won’t even follow you abroad if you approach me” a 2nd year Senior Secondary School Student told Ms. Ovuorie.

Very curious and worried about what they had watched in the short film, some of the students walked up to Ms. Ovuorie when she was close to the school’s exit gate. She was bombarded with very intelligent questions.

The helms woman of MIAHWRA however answered all the questions. She encouraged the students to come up with more questions and send them to her through the school authority.

The students of Royal Kriston Group of Schools are participating in MIAHWRA’s 2017 Short Stories Collection competition with the theme: I AM Not To Be Sold.