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Recently, renowned multiple-awarding winning journalist, Mr. Deji Bademosi had MIAHWRA’s Executive Director, Ms. Tobore Ovuorie as a guest on his TV show- Deji 360.

They discussed the 26 Nigerian girls who were last week found dead on the sea of Italy.

Along side Ms. Ovuorie’s fellow anti-human trafficking advocate, Mr. Osita Osemene, they highlighted and explained how to tackle this evil trade which is enveloping Nigeria.

Kindly watch the programme here. Thanks for sharing with friends, family and contacts. We all need to be anti-human trafficking savvy:




Some years ago, I was with a group of friends, all girls. This well meaning woman came into our midst, and in an attempt to reign “blessings” on us, she said “I see wives of Commissioners, I see wives of Doctors, I see wives of Governors, I see wives of Senators, I see wives of Ministers, I see wives of Presidents”, in Jesus name I pray”.

Half of the girls said amen! I didn’t.

I decided to tell her, “Mummy, thanks you for the prayers, but didn’t you see Commissioners, Doctors, Senators, Governors, Ministers, and Presidents? Mummy, would you tell a group of boys that you see husbands of Governors, husbands of Ministers, husbands of Senators, husbands of Presidents? Then why say that to girls?”

And this brings me to the point.

Ours is a society that raises the girl child for a man. Almost every single stage of the life of a girl is aimed at raising her to make a good wife. The ultimate aim in the life of a girl child is marriage.
It wouldn’t be so bad if the boy child was also raised for a woman. It wouldn’t be so bad if the society puts in as much efforts in preparing the boy child to be a husband as much as they put in in preparing the girl child to be a wife.

We give girls the impression that their success has to be linked to marriage.
I will never tell my daughter that she will be a wife of the president, just same way I won’t tell my son that he will be husband of the president. I will tell my sons and daughters that they will be Presidents.

We need to stop killing the zeal and drive of the girl child.

When you tell your daughter she can be wife of President, you push her to aspire to marry and ambitious man. But when you tell her that she can be president, you push her to be ambitious.

This is psychological. My parents never told me that I will marry a successful man or a president. Even till this very day, my parents still tell my sisters and I that we can be Presidents and Governors. Exactly the way they tell my brother.

If you can’t tell your son that he would be husband of president, STOP telling your daughter that she will be wife of president.

There is nothing wrong with being a wife of president, just as much as there’s nothing wrong with being the husband of the president.

Dear parents of this generation,

The past generation didn’t get it quite right, and we need to do better.
While you raise you girls to make good wives, also remember to raise your sons to make good husbands. Because those your daughters will end up with those your sons.

Also, let your girl understand that marriage is only one of the many things to accomplish in life. Tell her she can be president, tell her that people like Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala are female humans with one head each. That these people achieved much more than just marriage.

Tell her that even though you wish her to get married someday, that her happiness and sanity come first. That she shouldn’t stop living just in order to be married.

Tell her that her primary purpose on earth is NOT to exist for a man.

Tell her to be bold.

Tell her to remain true to herself.

Make her understand that she isn’t jollof rice or ice cream, so she can’t be liked by everyone. Tell her not to live to be liked, because no matter how much she tries, she can’t please everyone, even in death.

Make her understand that SHE IS NOT IN ANY SINGLE WAY INFERIOR TO A MAN. That all humans are equal as human, irrespective of gender, and deserve equal opportunities.

Let her understand that weakness is not femininity.

Teach her to have a healthy self-esteem.

Teach her to love and respect, teach her that she also deserves love and respect, and nothing less.

Happy international day of the girl child everyone. ❤️❤️❤️

By Nkechi Bianze.


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It is going to be a running programme geared to inspire everyone on how to raise healthier daughters, girls and women in families which will certainly impact positively on our societies.

The first quote/story tonight, is written by a daddy. Here is what he and his wife are teaching their three year old on how to guard against rape:

“Never allow anybody to wash or touch your vagina or vulva, not even daddy or Mommy”. To encourage our three-year- old daughter to adhere to this rule, we ask her to wash her vaginal herself, while we bathe the rest of her body.

Written by Okoghenun Joseph Oziegbe

So, #WhatAreYouTeachingYourDaughter

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The truth is that time and season changes and if you aren’t aware, you will be doing your self a great loss.

During the time of our parents; The women where expected to act dumb to get married which showed sign of humility or a wife material.

Then women had little privileges of going to school and impacting the world.

They couldn’t funtion and attend important meetings of their interest which affect the community or their clan.

But now in my time; if you are a woman who is smart and intelligent but pretend to be dumb because you want to get married, you are doing yourself a great loss.

Because the time has changed!

A good man aren’t scared of a smart woman.

Infact he is more attracted to her and proud to show her to his world.

So quit hiding that gift or potential you have inside of you.

The world is awaiting your greatness.

BY Ajiduah Jessica



I was at Agbole this afternoon when I saw a girl who couldn’t be more than 10 accompanying a woman I assume was her mother to a spot where they lay down some vegetables they wanted to sell.

The girl apparently wanted to pee because the next thing I knew she came and squatted right by the gutter beside the car I was in and did her business. Right beside me, she partly undressed before I could say a word.
Of course I averted my eyes but I felt so uncomfortable.

This was an open road, a big area where anyone can watch her. This is how she was raised obviously and while I’m not going to abuse and attack her mother, I can’t say this was wise either.

In case, you’re wondering what the harm was, there were motorcyclists nearby waiting for passengers less then five feet away and one of them was looking intently at this girl. I mean really looking. It was just wrong but her mother didn’t bother to scold her. This is an accident waiting to happen, to put it mildly.

He looked up and around and I made move in the car so he would catch my eye. He did and I stared him down till he looked away. Anytime he tried to look at her I’d move and he’d look at me. He got so uncomfortable he stopped altogether.

I know the chances of the people reading this having daughters, siblings or nieces doing this are next to nothing but there could be other ways you’re not mindful of how these little girls are seen. Be careful please. Not everyone is a gentlemen or moral, not to talk of a practicing Christian. Even many who claim to be couldn’t care less about that and even if they can’t commit such atrocities like rape, they sure can fantasize.

Please, do all you can to protect these kids. Even if they aren’t yours, keep your eyes open for such occurrences and prevent any harm being done.

Written by Onuora Onianwa

*Runaway Dads: The Plight of Women*


By Michael West

The rate at which our young women are becoming single mothers is increasingly alarming. Apart from widows, it’s like we are having single moms almost at equal proportion to married women. And this unpleasant situation is a consequence of men and their irascible moral attitude. Many of them chose to be irresponsible, philandering and uncaring fathers.

I can’t count the number of single moms whose husbands just disappeared from home not because of any serious acrimony or domestic violence but because they wanted to explore their masculine potentials in a wrong way.

There are men who operate on-and-off schedule in their matrimonial homes. They stay away for days or weeks, lurking for free and available women with less or nil responsibilities to bear. Some of such men have initiated ‘secret’ family life with other women elsewhere while telling their wives they are in pursuit of business opportunities or on official tour of duty. These are men on the fringes of abandoning their homes.

Surprisingly, many of these runaway dads abandoned their homes leaving their wives with the burden of taking sole responsibility for their children. They do so with callous disposition as if it’s the right thing to do. They stopped paying the rent. They are not concerned about their children’s schooling, feeding, clothing and medicare. Any man relishing in this kind of unfatherly attitude won’t be blessed at the instance of the children.

Let’s agree they have issues with their wives and they opted out of the marriage unofficially, must they extend their grievances to the innocent children? Supposed the man is suspecting or questioning the paternity of the children, can’t he go for DNA to authenticate his claim? Leaving women alone to shoulder the heavy burden of paying the bills is very unfair, wicked and ungodly.

Some men might have different stories to tell on why they quit, it’s very possible but I insist it is sheer callousness to abandon the children. Some men have told me about their move to have the children live with them without their moms. I told them it’s pretty difficult especially if the children are still of school age. No woman would trust a ‘strange woman’ enough to occupy her space for her children while she is alive.

The way and manner some men quit the home on the pretext of prospecting for business or official trips wouldn’t encourage the women to trust them with their children. Some men had accused their wives of ‘trapping’ them with pregnancies even when they had no plans to marry at all. They might have tenable grouses with their women, yet, it’s no justifiable reason to burden the women with the sole responsibility of caring for the children.

A stock in trade with such runaway dads is that they tell lies a lot. A clearing and forwarding business magnate abandoned his wife and two children barely six years into the marriage and went on philandering. When this incident happened in 2007, he was enjoying a big boom in his business. He rented houses for a number of his girlfriends, bought expensive gifts for many of them. While the financial honeymoon lasted, he didn’t erect any building for himself. He lavished millions of naira on social life and emptiness. As you read this article, his first daughter is preparing for admission into the university while the boy is also in SS2. He couldn’t send a dime for their school fees or upkeep in the last five years. This leaves his legitimate wife stranded, struggling to cope. Meanwhile, he is hibernating in a two-bedroom apartment with an older woman who also have two children for him apart from children from other women. From this man alone, our society has five single moms who are now struggling with life issues on their own. He lied to each of them to put them in the family way.

A network marketer was abandoned by her husband shortly after she delivered her fifth child. Barely three months later, he returned home to pick some of his personal effects and left the next day. He told his bewildered wife that “your mates are out there taking good care of their men. They even appreciate the fact that they are lucky to have men around them who make them feel good. All you know is to ‘breed’ children like a pig.”

When I contacted the man, his response was so weird and funny. Hear him: “Oga, I don tire for dat woman joor. I wan enjoy ma life small. With five children, wetin I go do to feed them? I dey where I dey enjoy. You don hear am before say man dey collect money for enjoyment? Na dat kind level I dey so.”

At a relationship forum in July (Every Woman Listen! by Miahwra Miahwra), I advised parents to start grooming their boys to becoming men and from men to becoming loving, caring husbands and responsible fathers. It is not women alone that should be molded; men, too, need proper mentoring and grooming for future life. A well-groomed man won’t abuse or harm his wife. He will always have a sense of caution in his indulgences. It is then we can have a decent society that has value for home (grooming place for future leaders) and consequently reduce the spiraling incidence of young women becoming single mothers.